Dane County  
Meeting Agenda - Final  
City-County Homeless Issues Committee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Monday, January 9, 2023  
5:30 PM  
The City of Madison is holding the City-County Homeless Issues Committee meeting virtually to help  
protect our community from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  
1. Written Comments: You can send comments on agenda items to cchic@cityofmadison.com  
2. Register for Public Comment:  
• Register to speak at the meeting.  
• Register to answer questions.  
• Register in support or opposition of an agenda item (without speaking).  
If you want to speak at this meeting you must register. You can register at  
email with the information you will need to join the virtual meeting.  
3. Watch the Meeting: If you would like to join the meeting as an observer, please visit  
4. Listen by Phone:  
(877) 853-5257 (Toll Free)  
Webinar ID: 867 9681 8218  
If you need an interpreter, translator, materials in alternate formats or other accommodations to  
access this service, activity or program, please call the phone number below at least three business  
days prior to the meeting.  
Si necesita un intérprete, un traductor, materiales en formatos alternativos u otros arreglos para  
acceder a este servicio, actividad o programa, comuníquese al número de teléfono que figura a  
continuación tres días hábiles como mínimo antes de la reunión.  
Yog hais tias koj xav tau ib tug neeg txhais lus, ib tug neeg txhais ntawv, cov ntawv ua lwm hom ntawv  
los sis lwm cov kev pab kom siv tau cov kev pab, cov kev ua ub no (activity) los sis qhov kev pab  
cuam, thov hu rau tus xov tooj hauv qab yam tsawg peb hnub ua hauj lwm ua ntej yuav tuaj sib tham.  
For accommodations, contact:  
Community Development Division  
A. Call To Order  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
C. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
D. Disclosures and Recusals  
E. Presentations  
1. Regional Housing Strategy & Affordable Housing options outside the City of Madison  
Olivia Parry, Senior Planner, Dane County Planning and Development  
F. Action Items  
1. 2023 City County Homeless Issues Committee Work Plan  
G. Reports to Committee  
1. Men’s shelter development update  
2. COVID response updates  
H. Adjourn