Dane County  
Meeting Agenda - Final  
Park Commission  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Monday, April 15, 2024  
7:00 PM  
Village of Windsor Municipal Building, 4084  
Muller Road, DeForest, 53532  
A quorum of the Park Commission may be present but no business will be conducted.  
Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan Public Information Meeting  
The Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan is a countywide comprehensive outdoor  
recreation and natural resource plan that must be updated every five years to maintain  
eligibility for State Stewardship grant funds. Updates to the plan include identifying  
recreational needs and significant natural, cultural, and historical resources in the  
county to be considered for protection. The planning process will seek input from Dane  
County residents that will help guide future park and trail development projects over the  
next five years.  
Dane County Parks will facilitate two public information meetings to kick off the planning  
process to update the Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan and explain how  
citizens and stakeholders can participate. Both meetings have virtual and in-person  
participation options. A quorum of the Park Commission may be present at either or  
both meetings, but no business will be conducted.  
This is the second of those meetings. It will be held at 7:00 p.m. on April 15 at the Village  
of Windsor Municipal Building, 4084 Muller Road, DeForest, 53532. To participate  
virtually, use this registration link:  
As an added outreach effort, Dane County Parks has prepared a survey to further  
explore the overall public awareness of the park system and any improvements that  
could be made. The survey only takes about five minutes to complete. The survey is  
available in both English or Spanish and will be open until May 1. More information about  
the plan, and links to the survey in both languages, are available online  
Note: If you need an interpreter, translator, materials in alternate formats or other accommodations to  
access this service, activity or program, please call the phone number below—preferably at least three  
business days but no fewer than 24 hours prior to the meeting.  
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