Dane County  
Meeting Agenda - Final  
Youth Commission - By Youth For Youth Subcommittee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Monday, November 8, 2021  
6:00 PM  
Virtual Zoom Meeting: See top of agenda for  
instructions on how to join the meeting.  
The November 08, 2021 meeting is being held virtually. The public can access the meeting with the Zoom  
application or by telephone.  
To join the meeting in Zoom, click the following link.  
This link will be active until the end of the meeting.  
Interpreters must be requested in advance; please see the bottom of the agenda for more information.  
Los intérpretes deben solicitarse con anticipación; consulte el final de la agenda para obtener más  
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txheem rau cov ntaub ntawv ntxiv.  
A. Call To Order  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
C. Action Items  
Signed BYFY Commitment Forms Review  
4-H Online Enrollment Completion Review  
D. Presentations  
Team Building Exercises - UW Extension  
Social Determinants of Health - UW Extension  
Dane County Youth Assessment - Dane County Youth Commission  
E. Reports to Committee  
F. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
G. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
H. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
I. Adjourn