Dane County  
Meeting Agenda - Final  
Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Executive Committee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Friday, September 9, 2022  
8:00 AM  
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Interpreters must be requested in advance; please see the bottom of the agenda for more information.  
Los intérpretes deben solicitarse con anticipación; consulte el final de la agenda para obtener más  
Yuav tsuam tau thov txog cov neeg txhais lus hau ntej; thov saib hauv qab kawg ntawm qhov txheej  
txheem rau cov ntaub ntawv ntxiv.  
The 09/09/22 Dane County Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive Committee Meeting is being held virtually.  
The public can access the meeting with the Zoom application or by telephone. To join the meeting in  
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When prompted, enter the following Webinar ID: 936 9749 8511  
If you want to submit a written comment for this meeting, or send handouts for committee members,  
please send them to fraire@countyofdane.com. PROCESS TO PROVIDE PUBLIC COMMENT: ANY  
MUST REGISTER USING THE LINK ABOVE (even if you plan to attend using your phone). Registrations to  
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the meeting and then *6 to unmute yourself.  
A. Call To Order  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
1. Accept June executive committee minutes (due to lack of quorum)  
[Minutes from the 06/10/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive  
Committee Meeting]  
2. Approve August executive committee meeting minutes  
[Minutes from the 08/12/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive  
Committee Meeting]  
3. No July, August commission minutes to approve  
C. Cycle 2 Grants Review  
1. Final number of applications  
2. Update on panel review committee confirmations, dates, times, etc.  
3. Update on commissioner chairs for panel review sessions  
4. Approve amount of funds for distribution (action item)  
5. Appointment of commissioner to lead cycle 2 grants review  
6. Commissioners access to grant applications  
D. Executive Committee/Commission Discussion Topics  
1. Each member suggests one issue/topic to discuss  
2. Prioritize at next executive committee meeting  
3. Process for adding items on the agenda  
E. Revisit Areas of Focus  
1. Based on commission/staff needs  
F. Vacant Commissioner Positions Update  
G. Dane Arts Advisory Council/Committee  
1. Purpose, composition  
H. Executive Director Report  
1. Update on MMoCA, review August activities, upcoming September activities  
I. Develop September Commission Meeting Agenda  
-roll call, establish quorum  
-approve June minutes (action item)  
-action items? (approval of cycle 2 funds for distribution)  
-presentation group  
-Chair/executive committee report-(request for discussion topics, future meeting locations, revisions on  
Areas of Focus, vacant positions update, October mtg. date)  
-Areas of Focus reports  
-Executive Director’s report  
J. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
K. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
L Adjourn  
NOTE: If you need an interpreter, translator, materials in alternate formats or other accommodations  
to access this service, activity or program, please call the phone number below at least three business  
days prior to the meeting.  
NOTA: Si necesita un intérprete, un traductor, materiales en formatos alternativos u otros arreglos  
para acceder a este servicio, actividad o programa, comuníquese al número de teléfono que figura a  
continuación tres días hábiles como mínimo antes de la reunión.  
LUS CIM: Yog hais tias koj xav tau ib tug neeg txhais lus, ib tug neeg txhais ntawv, cov ntawv ua lwm  
hom ntawv los sis lwm cov kev pab kom siv tau cov kev pab, cov kev ua ub no (activity) los sis qhov  
kev pab cuam, thov hu rau tus xov tooj hauv qab yam tsawg peb hnub ua hauj lwm ua ntej yuav tuaj  
sib tham.