Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Henry Vilas Zoo Commission  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Tuesday, November 1, 2022  
7:30 AM  
A. Call To Order  
Others present: Ronda Schwetz, Joseph Darcangelo, Kristin Moala  
A motion was made by ROSS that the Zoo Commission meeting be called to  
6 -  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
Attachments: 2022 MIN-387  
A motion was made by CASTILLO, seconded by PETERSEN, that the Minutes be  
approved. The motion carried by a voice vote.  
C. Action Items  
D. Presentations  
E. Reports to Committee  
SCHWETZ talked about upgrades to our prairie exhibit. A donor reached out to us and is  
funding new educational signage for the North American Prairie space. Signage will  
explain how animals handle changing seasons. We hope to have this completed in the  
next year. Left over money will go towards our new giraffe exhibit. A new life-sized bison  
sculpture made out of recycled tires will be a focal point. The Zoo feels the bison  
sculpture will draw people to the zoo. Our horticulturist is working on restoring prairie  
grasses/plants to the area surrounding the bison exhibit. We are working with Ho-Chunk  
Nation to help with our interpretive signs as well.  
The Zoo received the more design drawings for the giraffe exhibit. We are currently  
working with public works to make sure all the design elements work.  
The 2023 budget process is still moving along. The zoo has two amendments sponsored  
by Supervisor Castillo. One will increase our training budget by $10,000, which  
compliments a recommendation that came out of the recent zoo report from Judge  
Bailey-Rhin. The second amendment gives additional funds for us to replace our seal  
shade structure so that it can handle Wisconsin winters. The Zoo Commission expressed  
support for both amendments.  
MOALA updated the commission on events at the Zoo. Boo at the Zoo welcomed just  
over 11,000 visitors to the Zoo and was a very successful event. The Zoo's upcoming  
holiday events include Zoo Lights, which begins the day after Thanksgiving. The Zoo is  
bringing back Brew Lights, a one night only 21+ event that includes the lights and brings  
local breweries on ground. The Zoo is also hosting a free night of Zoo Lights again this  
year for children dealing with serious health conditions.  
SCHWETZ gave an update on the education grant from Woodland Park Zoo that will help  
the Zoo create an interpretive master plan. The master plan focuses on educational  
pieces in the zoo. It’s a 2-year grant and we are in the first year. 2023 will be when we can  
see the whole plan and when we will see the first new signs installed on grounds.  
DARCANGELO gave an update on the Zoo's outreach to our neighbors. He has  
coordinated four meetings with the neighbors this year and has another one scheduled for  
next week.  
Attachments: 2022 RPT-105  
This report was approved.  
F. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
SCHWETZ went over the expectations from the county as we move toward hybrid  
meetings. The County is not requiring hybrid meetings yet but if we do switch to hybrid  
we need a vice chair. Ronda will get guidance from the County on how the commission  
appoints a vice chair, which is needed for hybrid meetings. Consensus from the  
commission was to stick to virtual for the time being.  
G. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
H. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
I. Adjourn  
A motion was made by BECKER, seconded by EVERS, that the Zoo Commission  
meeting be adjourned at 8:29am. The motion carried unanimously.  
Respectfully submitted by Kristin Moala, pending approval from the Zoo Commission.