Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Executive Committee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Friday, January 6, 2023  
8:00 AM  
Hybrid Meeting: Attend in person at the City County  
Building in Room 421; attend virtually via Zoom.  
A. Call To Order  
Call to order at 8:02 a.m.  
Staff: Mark Fraire, Augusta Brulla  
In Person: Ritcherson, Fraire, Brulla  
Virtual: Klehr, Miquelon, Puleo Moyer, Xistris-Songpanya  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
A motion was made by Commissioner Miquelon to approve the November  
Executive Committee minutes, seconded by Vice Chair Klehr.  
The motion was carried unanimously by a voice vote.  
2. Approve November commission minutes for recommendation to full commission  
A motion was made by Commissioner Miquelon to approve the November  
Commission minutes for recommendation by the full commission, seconded by  
Puleo Moyer.  
The motion was carried unanimously by a voice vote.  
C. Action Items  
1. Discuss/Approve Supervisor Xistris-Songpanya's Youth Grant Proposal  
- Dane Arts will implement the distribution of a $40,000 youth equity fund allocated from  
the County Board of Supervisors  
- Director Fraire, Chair Ritcherson, and Supervisor Xistris-Songpanya discussed adding  
youth art equity funds to the existing grant cycle  
- A question on the existing grant application will determine eligibility of applicants for  
the youth equity fund similar to the Blockstein award process  
- The question states: “Is your project providing equitable opportunities for youth to  
- The details of how to divide and award the $40,000 in each cycle will be discussed at  
a future meeting  
A motion was made by Commissioner Miquelon to advance the youth equity fund  
discussion to the January full commission meeting, seconded by Commissioner  
Puleo Moyer.  
The motion was carried unanimously by a voice vote.  
2. Review Discussion Topics and Prioritize for January-March  
- January discussion topics include Dane Arts supporting admission-free events, led by  
Chair Ritcherson and a discussion of the $40,000 youth equity fund, led by Supervisor  
- Vice Chair Klehr suggested discussing the grant process in March and commissioner  
attendance of Dane Arts funded events in April  
This resolution was not acted on  
D. Review Areas of Focus-Discuss General Goals for 2023  
Areas of focus will be reviewed and discussed by each commissioner in February  
E. Review 2023 Commissioner Term Expiration Dates  
1. Current Commissioners  
- The terms of Commissioner Curet and Commissioner Parks Snider expire in June  
- Chair Ritcherson will meet with Commissioner Curet and Commissioner Parks Snider  
to discuss future plans  
2. Status of two pending commissioners  
- Jay Handy and Kelsey Yudice are awaiting confirmation  
- Once Handy and Yudice are onboarded, the commission will be fully staffed with 11  
F. Review 2023 County Directives for Hybrid Meetings  
- The new directive from the county is that meetings must be conducted in hybrid format  
(both in-person and virtual)  
- The Chair or Vice Chair of the Dane Arts Commission must attend in-person  
- Chair Ritcherson plans on attending future meetings in-person but does not expect  
other commissioners to attend in-person unless specifically discussed  
- Dane Arts grant panel review meetings will continue to be held virtually  
G. Executive Director Report  
- Official name badges are available for all commissioners  
- A full-time Cultural Affairs Specialist position will be opened and posted publicly with a  
start date of June 1, 2023  
- Dane Arts has collected over 870 surveys for the Arts & Economic Prosperity Survey  
and will continue to collect until April 2023  
- 2023 calendar sales have been great and calendars are almost sold out with top  
vendors being Orange Tree Imports and University Bookstore  
- Dane Arts received $30,000 from the Evjue Foundation which will go toward Dane Arts  
Buy Local, Behind Creative, and more  
- The second Dane Arts Buy Local Business of Art Conference will take place March  
31-April 1  
- High level Business of Art speakers have been secured for the conference, including a  
keynote from Torrie Allen, the new CEO of Arts Midwest  
- There is potential for a summer Dane Arts Buy Local art market event at the Farley  
Center in Verona  
- The 2023 Cycle 1 grant application is open with a due date of February 1  
- Director Fraire has begun to recruit panelists to review 2023 cycle 1 grant applications  
H. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
1. Develop January 11, 2023, Commission Meeting Agenda  
-roll call, establish quorum,  
-approve November 2022 meeting minutes (action item)  
-presentation group – Maria Amalia Wood  
-Supervisor/Commissioner Xistris-Songpanya proposal(action item)  
-January discussion item-the merits of sponsoring “free events” (action item  
-Chair/executive committee report; Areas of Focus discussion/reports  
-Executive Director’s report  
- Vice Chair Klehr requested that future meeting dates and the county directive about  
hybrid meeting are reviewed during the January full commission meeting  
I. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
J. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
K. Adjourn  
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.  
A motion was made by Commissioner Miquelon to adjourn.  
Minutes respectfully submitted by Augusta Brulla pending Commissioner approval.