Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Henry Vilas Zoo Commission  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Tuesday, November 2, 2021  
7:30 AM  
Virtual Meeting  
A. Call To Order  
Others present: Ronda Schwetz, Joseph Darcangelo, Kristin Moala  
A motion was made by ERICKSON that the November Zoo Commission meeting  
be called to order at 7:36am.  
7 -  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
Attachments: Minutes 9_8_21  
A motion was made by EVERS, seconded by JUSTUS, that the Minutes be  
approved. The motion carried by a voice vote.  
C. Action Items  
D. Presentations  
E. Reports to Committee  
Zoo Report  
Joseph went over the proposed 2022 County budget. A horticulturalist and guest services  
position are included. We worked with the Controller’s Office throughout the budget  
process. With the help of Supervisor Radcliff, we were able to offset revenue by $20k to  
add scholarships for after school camps and summer programs. We appreciate all of the  
support from the County. Personnel and finance met several times and they are in the  
final stages of approval, then it goes to the full County Board for final approval.  
Discussion ensured.  
The Zoo had almost 700,000 visitors this year, which is close to our pre-COVID numbers.  
CLR will have an updated design for us this week. We will be planning a stakeholder  
meeting with the Commission, neighbors, etc. for the next phase of this project. It will be  
early next year. Discussion ensured.  
Zoo Lights set up is going smoothly and we are on track to open November 26. Timed  
tickets should reduce our lines.  
Animal update: We had a dental procedure on one of our seals. Keepers have been  
working on training so they can brush their teeth going forward. We had our first voluntary  
radiographs for one of our camels. Staff have been doing a wonderful job of working with  
our animals to get more voluntary participation in their health care. Grizzlies will be  
denning up soon for the winter.  
Joseph thanked Evers for helping us get the City to come out and fill up the potholes in  
the South parking lot.  
This week is first meeting for our interpretive master plan project. Very excited to move  
forward with that project.  
F. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
The next Zoo Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 at 7:30am.  
The meeting will be held virtually.  
G. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
H. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
I. Adjourn  
A motion was made by ERICKSON, seconded by JUSTUS, that the Zoo  
Commission meeting be adjourned at 8:22am. The motion carried unanimously.  
Respectfully submitted by Kristin Moala, pending approval from the Zoo Commission.