Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Executive Committee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Friday, November 12, 2021  
8:00 AM  
See top of agenda for virtual meeting log in details  
A. Call To Order  
Call to order at 8:02 am  
Supervisor YOGESH CHAWLA  
Staff: Mark Fraire, Augusta Brulla  
4 -  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
Chair Ritcherson recommended the following revisions to the October 2021 minutes:  
1. A. - Add Commissioner Luis Montoto to attendance  
2. C. 5. – Change 2022 Cycle 2 Awards heading to 2021  
3. C. 5. – Change “implementation in the allocation of the Dane Arts 2022 Cycle 2  
awards” to “implementation in the allocation of future Dane Arts cycle awards” starting in  
4. C. 5. - “Capital and Short Order grant funds will be awarded from an additional Dane  
Arts funding source and will not affect the $95,000 distribution limit on Project grants”  
moved to Action Item 6  
5. C. 5. – Add Vice-Chair Morgan to Grant Review process section pertaining to allocation  
of award percentages  
6. C.6 – add “Director Fraire will “assist in improving their proposals”  
A motion was made by Commissioner Klehr to recommend amended minutes to  
the full commission, seconded by Vice-Chair Morgan  
The motion carried by the following vote:  
C. Executive Committee Status  
This resolution was approved  
-review resolution language  
Review resolution language  
- Resolution sent to all commissioners by Supervisor Chawla  
-review meeting requirements  
- The following meeting requirements will be observed by the Executive Committee:  
1. Roll call  
2. Quorum  
3. Develop agenda and place on Legistar  
4. Record minutes exclusive to the Executive Committee and place on Legistar  
5. Full commission minutes will be reviewed for recommendations to full commission  
but not approve by  
Executive Committee  
-review/approve addition of 5th member  
- The resolution indicates the Dane Arts Executive Committee shall have 5 members  
- Chair Ritcherson recommends that the County Board Supervisor should:  
a. serve on the Executive Committee  
b. serve as the parliamentarian for the full commission  
- The parliamentarian will ensure the rules of Dane County are followed and  
formalities are  
- Supervisor Chawla is amenable to serving as the 5th Executive Committee member and  
as parliamentarian to the full commission  
A motion was made by Commissioner Klehr to appoint the Dane County Board  
Supervisor as 5th Executive Committee member and Parliamentarian, seconded  
by Commissioner Williams  
The motion was carried by the following vote:  
-discontinue workgroups  
- The term “Workgroup” which previously referred to more than one commission member  
on a committee, will be discontinued, removed from the commission portal language, and  
replaced with “Commissioner Focus Area” per Supervisor Chawla’s recommendation  
- In the following language, “workgroup” will be replaced with “commissioner focus area”:  
"Workgroups: A number of ongoing topics of concern to Dane Arts are delegated to  
smaller groups within the commission, known as workgroups. Some of these topics  
include: marketing and fundraising, the grantmaking process, public relations, new  
initiatives, administering special grants and funds, etc. Each commissioner will be  
appointed by the chair to one or more workgroup commensurate with individual interest  
and experience. Work groups do not necessarily involve a significant or regular time  
commitment, but do require a willingness to participate in conversations and projects  
outside of the normal commission meetings.  
Strategic Planning workgroup: Ritcherson, Klehr, Morgan, Williams Blockstein Grant  
workgroup: Chawla Community Engagement workgroup (publicity, outreach, fundraising,  
special events): Curet, Miquelon, Montoto, Parks Snyder Fund Advisory workgroup:  
Cavazos, Ritcherson, Williams  
Grants Review workgroup: Morgan  
Policy and Handbook workgroup: Klehr, Morgan"  
D. Update on Vacated Commission Seat  
Update on new candidate  
- Director Fraire and Chair Ritcherson met with Fran Puleo-Moyer to discuss serving on  
the Dane Arts Commission  
- Puleo-Moyer is the Associate Director of Outreach at UW Madison, and is very familiar  
with Dane Arts processes as a previous grant applicant  
- Fraire will send Puleo-Moyer’s resume to the Executive Team and full commission  
A motion was made by Commissioner Williams to recommend the name of  
Puleo-Moyer to the full commission for appointment, seconded by Vice-Chair  
The motion was carried by the following vote  
E. Review/Approve Blockstein Funds Allocations Recommendations  
Supervisor Chawla recommends the following applicants to receive the remaining  
Blockstein Award monies, distributed equally, totaling $659.00 each:  
- Music con Brio's 10th Annual Community Concert Series  
- Little Picassos: a free art enrichment program for low-income children  
- Whoopensocker's 2021-22 Performance Season at MYArts  
- Solarpunk Futures  
- Club Express  
A motion was made by Vice-Chair Morgan to approve Supervisor Chawla’s  
recommendations for distributing Blockstein funds, seconded by Commissioner  
The motion was carried by the following vote:  
F. Review Draft DANG 2 Report  
Director Fraire will send draft of Director’s Report to the commission  
G. Wrap-Up on Cycle 2 Grants  
Awardee requested materials are being tracked down and paperwork is being processed  
- 50% of applicants have submitted required materials  
H. Explore New Options for Commission Grants Review  
- Commissioner Curet and Vice-Chair Morgan have discussed creating a formula to refine  
the distribution of funds commensurate with applicant scores  
- Vice-Chair Morgan would like additional members to add “grant review” to their focus  
area and to formalize Commissioner Curet’s involvement  
- A revised grant distribution method should be ready by 2022 Cycle 1 award distribution  
I. Poster/Calendar Update  
- Calendar drop-offs have started  
- Online store is set up for online purchases  
- Posters are at the printers  
J. Planning for 2022  
K. ED update  
Chair Ritcherson will ask each commissioner to begin planning for 2022 in their specific  
area(s) of focus  
- Dane Arts and StartingBlock Madison are co-hosting a pop-up art market showcasing  
the work of 5 artists on Thursday Dec 2nd 4:30 – 7 PM  
- The 300 members of SBM have been invited  
L. November commission agenda  
- Roll call, minutes, etc. (action item)  
- Presentation Group: Dane Arts 2022 Poster/Calendar and Behind Creative: Monica Cliff  
- Action items  
- Addition of 5th Member of Executive Committee/Parliamentarian  
- Blockstein Funds Allocation  
- New Commission Member  
- Executive Committee/Chair Report, Commission Member reports  
- Prepare 2022 calendar for approval and ensure no meetings are held on religious  
- ED report  
M. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
N. Other Business  
O. Adjourn  
A motion was made by Vice-Chair Morgan to adjourn  
Adjourned at 8:53 am  
Minutes respectfully submitted by Augusta Brulla pending Commissioner approval.