Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Executive Committee  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Friday, September 9, 2022  
8:00 AM  
See top of Agenda for virtual meeting log in details  
A. Call To Order  
Call to order at 8:01 am  
Staff: Mark Fraire, Augusta Brulla  
Introduction of Supervisor Xistris-Songpanya: Xistris is a first-time Supervisor for  
District 13 and will serve as parliamentarian for the Arts and Cultural Affairs  
5 -  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
1. Accept June executive committee minutes (due to lack of quorum at the June meeting)  
[Minutes from the 06/10/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive  
Committee Meeting]  
Attachments: 2022 MIN-215  
The consensus of the Executive Committee was to accept the minutes from the  
06/10/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive Committee meeting  
2. Approve August executive committee meeting minutes  
[Minutes from the 08/12/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive  
Committee Meeting]  
Attachments: 2022 MIN-261  
A motion was made by Vice Chair Klehr to approve the minutes from the  
08/12/2022 Arts and Cultural Affairs Executive Committee meeting, seconded by  
Supervisor Xistris-Songpanya.  
The motion was carried unanimously by a voice vote.  
3. No July, August commission meetings were held, no minutes to approve.  
C. Cycle 2 Grants Review  
1. Final number of applications  
- There are 49 applications to review during 2022 grant cycle 2  
- 16 music, 10 Arts in Education, 8 Multi-disciplinary, 4 Theater, 5 Visual Arts  
2. Update on panel review committee confirmations, dates, times, etc.  
- Each commissioner will have about 7 applications to review in case any questions arise  
during the final grant review meeting  
- Review panels are set for September 26 (Music), 28 (Dance/Arts in Education), 30  
(Multi-disciplinary/Theater/Visual Arts)  
3. Update on commissioner chairs for panel review sessions  
- Chair Ritcherson will serve as chair for the September 30 grant review, Vice Chair Klehr  
will serve as chair for the September 28, and Commissioner Puleo Moyer will serve as  
chair for September 26  
4. Approve amount of funds for distribution (action item)  
- Director Fraire will confirm final award total for Cycle 2 which will be approved during the  
September Commission meeting  
5. Appointment of commissioner to lead cycle 2 grants review  
- Chair Ritcherson will ask Commissioner Curet to lead the Cycle 2 grants review  
6. Commissioners access to grant applications  
- Commissioners have access to all grant applications and Director Fraire will assign  
specific grants to each commissioner immediately  
D. Executive Committee/Commission Discussion Topics  
1. Each member suggests one issue/topic to discuss  
- Commissioner Miquelon would like to discuss the Arts and Economic Prosperity  
- Vice Chair Klehr would like to discuss engaging children in the arts in Dane County and  
issues of race in the arts  
- Commissioner Puleo Moyer would like to discuss meeting as a commission at several  
community events  
- Chair Ritcherson would like to discuss funding admission-free events to further equity in  
access to the arts  
- Supervisor Xistris-Songpanya suggested discussing budget requests  
- Director Fraire suggested supporting an existing request for additional funds to convert  
the Cultural Affairs Specialist position from LTE to .5 FTE  
2. Prioritize at next executive committee meeting  
E. Revisit Areas of Focus  
1. Based on commission/staff needs  
- Current areas of focus include: public relations, grants review, outreach to artists,  
outreach to arts organizations, fund advisory, and commissioner recruitment  
- Additional potential topics include the current Arts and Economic Prosperity survey and  
volunteer engagement  
F. Vacant Commissioner Positions Update  
- Two new commissioners are still in process to be approved  
G. Dane Arts Advisory Council/Committee  
1. Purpose, composition  
- Continued discussion will take place on the purpose and composition of a Dane Arts  
“Friends Group”  
- Director Fraire will consult with County Executive Parisi before moving forward  
H. Executive Director Report  
1. Review August activities, upcoming September activities  
- The DABL Business of Art Conference will take place September 14 – 15 and the Art  
Market is September 16 – 17  
- Funding has been secured and strong promotional efforts have been made  
- DABL has a two additional contracted staff for the conference and market  
- DABL will include a raffle of various prizes worth $100 - $2,000  
- There will be a poster and calendar celebration on October 17  
- Dane arts continues to conduct the Arts and Economic Impact study, having collected  
over half of required surveys due by April 2023  
I. Develop September Commission Meeting Agenda  
-Roll call, establish quorum  
-Approve June minutes (action item)  
-Action items? (approval of cycle 2 funds for distribution)  
-Presentation group  
-Chair/executive committee report-(request for discussion topics, 2023 future meeting dates/locations  
-Areas of Focus, vacant positions update, October/November meeting dates)  
-Areas of Focus reports  
-Executive Director’s report  
-Review commissioner term dates  
J. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
- Commission meeting dates for the remainder of the year will be discussed during the  
September Commission meeting  
K. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
L Adjourn  
A motion was made by Supervisor Xistris to adjourn.  
Meeting adjourned at 9:06 a.m.  
Minutes respectfully submitted by Augusta Brulla pending Commissioner approval