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Type: Primary Legislative Body
Meeting location: Hybrid Meeting: Attend in person at the City County Building in Room 201; attend virtually via Zoom.

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December 2023

Dec, 2023

County Board 7:00 PM     Export to iCalendar
See below for additional instructions on how to attend the meeting and provide public testimony.
Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateE-mailWeb SiteAppointed By
AARON COLLINS Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
ANALIESE EICHER Supervisor4/17/2018 4/15/2024  
ANDREW SCHAUER Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
ANTHONY GRAY Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
APRIL KIGEYA Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
BRENDA YANG Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
CECELY CASTILLO Supervisor12/17/2020 4/15/2024  
CHAD KEMP Supervisor9/21/2023 4/16/2024  
CHUCK ERICKSON Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
DANA PELLEBON Supervisor4/19/2022 4/15/2024  
DAVE RIPP Supervisor4/17/1984 4/15/2024  
ELIZABETH DOYLE Supervisor6/20/2019 4/15/2024  
HEIDI WEGLEITNER Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
HOLLY HATCHER Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
JACOB WRIGHT Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
JAY BROWER Supervisor9/21/2023 4/16/2024  
JEFF GLAZER Supervisor4/14/2022 4/15/2024  
JEFF HYNES Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
JEFF WEIGAND Supervisor8/12/2021 4/15/2024  
JERRY BOLLIG Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
KATE MCGINNITY Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
KIERSTIN HUELSEMANN Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
LARRY PALM Supervisor12/17/2020 4/15/2024  
MATT VELDRAN Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
MAUREEN McCARVILLE Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
MELISSA RATCLIFF Supervisor9/6/2018 4/15/2024  
MICHAEL ENGELBERGER Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
MICHELE DOOLAN Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
MICHELE RITT Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
PATRICK DOWNING Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
PATRICK MILES Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
RICHELLE ANDRAE Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
RICK ROSE Supervisor4/18/2022 4/15/2024  
SARAH SMITH Supervisor4/21/2020 4/15/2024  
STEVEN PETERS Supervisor9/21/2023 4/16/2024  
TIM KIEFER Supervisor4/15/2014 4/15/2024  
YOGESH CHAWLA Supervisor4/17/2018 4/15/2024