Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Food Council Regional Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Work  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Friday, November 11, 2022  
12:00 PM  
Virtual Zoom Meeting: See top of agenda for  
instructions on how to join the webinar or call in by  
A. Call To Order  
Others present: Alder Regina Vidaver, Erin Barnes Lowe, Laura Scandurra, Remy Rigby,  
Phil Kauth, Rebecca Kemble, Eric Herbst, Marcia Caton Campbell, Nou Thao, Katherine  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
Attachments: 2022 MIN-398  
A motion was made by TESCH, seconded by LEETE, that the Minutes be  
approved. The motion carried by a voice vote 3-0.  
C. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
D. Discussion Items  
1. Local market development.  
- Phil Kauth from REAP -has been in meetings with Wello in Green Bay (a non profit  
working on community wellness, school lunches). They and Seasonal Harvest (a food  
aggregator) have set up a real good infrastructure/logistics setup. REAP looking into  
setting up a similar model based on their system. More generally, would like to look at  
other systems around the state, etc as models for our local market development.  
- Fair Share CSA coalition has made a hire for supporting marketing and distribution  
for HMoob farmers. Originally a hire based on CSA development, but will be looking  
beyond just that method of distribution.  
2. Land for cultivation - no major updates  
3. Farmland Preservation  
- City of Madison Task Force on Farmland Preservation established 9/6/22; goal for  
providing recommendations is 3/31/23 may be hard to meet  
- Elected officers: Nan Fey, Chair; Allison Volk, Vice Chair; Rebecca Kemble,  
- Members: Also include Jeannette LeZaks (Sustainable Madison Committee), Mark  
Voss (urban farmer and regenerative real estate change agent), Eric Paulson (Alder from  
Plan Commission), Tag Evers (Alder), and Yimmuaj Yang (Groundswell).  
- Staffed by Jeff Greger of the Planning Division, Director Heather Stouder also  
- Regular visitors have been representatives of Brink Development and Smart Growth  
Madison who opposed formation of the task force.  
- Meeting Schedule will be twice a month starting in January, second and fourth  
Wednesday afternoons from 3-4:30 dates are:  
January 11 and 25, 2023  
February 8 and 22  
March 8 and 22  
(April 12 and 26) if needed  
(May 10 and 24) if needed  
- Two meetings have been held to date, October 26 and November 9.  
- Documents are being collected in Legistar 74519 Attachment #2 includes many  
important links of work done to date.  
- Topics Identified for Discussion include: the City’s Comprehensive and Sustainability  
Plans, RAFS ag lease recommendations, existing edible landscape and terrace  
ordinances, existing zoning categories, small parcels, general farmland survey, linking of  
affordable housing and land access, defining farmland preservation, issues of soil quality  
and contamination, looking at farmland preservation policies from other cities and  
communities, establishing evaluation metrics of success - farmers, demographics, policy  
impacts - among other things. See meeting minutes for more details.  
- Meetings are virtual and public - Next meeting is Dec 14th at 3 PM to 4:30.  
Would be good to see the development of this group, potential similar discussion at  
the county  
Questions from Laura - Could you look at funding sources for urban agriculture, and are  
you looking at agroecological, sustainable frameworks for agriculture. Answers from Nan  
and Rebecca - not looking at funding, focusing on policy, at which point that may be a  
useful platform for policy. And may look at the sustainability plan from the city as a  
basis for the other question, along with a general survey of the agriculture which is  
currently going on.  
4. Next projects brainstorming  
- TESCH: May want to revisit ag leases issue - thinking about land use planning,  
length of lease, other ways to make it easier for small and diversified growers to lease  
from the city, encourage BMP in land the city leases. The land preservation task force  
may help focus on this  
- LEETE: Support of land preservation task force? Rebecca Kemble - if the RAFS  
group wanted to support the work of this group with research and thinking about tasks,  
that would be helpful. But generally, may be a good way to say that this group would  
take on a piece. If there’s willingness and capacity for that. Nan Fey - come to the  
meetings and pay attention to what we’re doing. Marcia Caton Campbell: echo, but also  
want to acknowledge that the task force is specific to the City of Madison; other regional  
ag issues and land areas are related to but not directly addressed by the Task Force.  
Katherine Pedracine: How will task force and RAFS group be pertinent to the annexation  
of the town? Answer: RAFS covers the whole county already, the task force will cover  
the new land as part of the general policy, though the city has likely not included that new  
land in their full planning maps yet. Seemed like a good amount of support from the  
RAFS group  
- Rebecca Kemble: Refocus on food sovereignty, as regional ag has gotten more of  
the attention lately  
- Look back at list of ideas that were developed at creation of task force- anything we  
want to go back to? Would be good to come  
E. Announcements  
Food policy council always looking for new members  
F. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
Revisit original project list and come with proposals or input on what we should focus on.  
Will have the bulk of Dec 16 meeting focus on that.  
G. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
H. Adjourn  
A motion was made by FEY, seconded by TESCH, that the Meeting be adjourned.  
The motion carried unanimously 3-0.  
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jess Guffey Calkins, pending council approval