Dane County  
Minutes - Final Unless Amended by  
Food Council Food Plan Work Group  
Who benefits? Who is burdened?  
Who does not have a voice at the table?  
How can policymakers mitigate unintended consequences?  
Wednesday, August 31, 2022  
3:00 PM  
Virtual Zoom Meeting: See top of agenda for  
instructions on how to join the webinar or call in by  
A. Call To Order  
2 - Food Council Member MARCIA CATON CAMPBELL, and PHIL KAUTH  
1 - Chair BILL WARNER  
All Others Present: Jess Guffey Calkins, Rebecca Kemble, Abha Thakkar, Taylar  
Foster, Dan Cornelius  
B. Consideration of Minutes  
C. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda  
D. Reports to Committee  
Dane County Pandemic Food System Study. The liaison team and Jess met with the  
SIFT team to review the data collection and implementation plan. With SIFT moving into  
data collection/implementation, updates will come via email. The next meeting will take  
place in mid-October.  
Food Plan WG – next efforts  
- State of Dane County food system concept paper.  
-1-2 page briefing/concept paper explaining the food system state of play, key issues,  
talking points. To help educate stakeholders, including elected officials; inform potential  
-For this, make use of: info pulled together for previous USDA Regional Food System  
Partnership (RFSP) application plus Sift study results (to be finalized ~Feb 2023). (May  
be able to make use of some preliminary Sift data before Feb.)  
Next steps:  
- Marcia, Jess can start on a first/rough draft, using the previous USDA RFSP  
application. Reference the Sift study underway & when/what will come out of that.  
- Rebecca, Taylar can potentially review drafts.  
- Map out timeline of potential funders to contact; who will contact (see below).  
- Pre-work for 2023 USDA Regional Food System Partnership grant  
Timeline: RFP likely to be released early March; proposal due by early May.  
1-page draft will be useful for opening the conversation with potential funders.  
Funder ideas:  
- North Central SARE Professional Development Grant- due March 2023 (Phil shared info  
on this from a funded group). Federal funds (*this couldn’t be applied to the cash match).  
-Schlecht - capacity-building grants  
-Conversations with funders/donors who we know since this ask is somewhat outside  
of/different from an RFP process.  
-Map out timeline of contacting potential funders & who can contact.  
Possible City/county budget amendments for non-federal cash matches for USDA RFSP  
- Jess, Bill will talk about this to the Steering Committee  
- Amendment process: early Oct. for City and County.  
To determine funder contribution asks: Need to look at USDA RFSP budget.  
Could write in a bid process for some of the partnerships for the 2023 RFSP application.  
E. Announcements  
F. Future Meeting Items and Dates  
Weds 9/14, 3pm, zoom  
- Before next meeting, all review the budget from the previous USDA RFSP application.  
G. Such Other Business as Allowed by Law  
H. Adjourn  
A motion was made by CATON CAMPBELL, seconded by KAUTH, that the  
meeting be adjourned. The motion carried unanimously 2-0.  
Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Jess Guffey Calkins; Pending council review.